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Building confidence in children is what drives us every day.

Seeing big smiles on happy parents is our reward.

                      The progress my daughter has made in just six short months is incredible.  I literally cried after our first session because my daughter was pronouncing words I had never heard her say clearly.  Even more impressive – and frankly, just as important – than her improved speech is her new-found confidence.  To see my sweet little girl take pride in herself, answer questions aloud in school, and form new friendships has been a dream come true for this mom.  Thanks for helping give my daughter these important skills.



                      We are so excited for Chatterbox’s new office space!  You have been such a blessing to our family and have helped our son gain confidence as his speech has greatly improved.  I can hardly believe there was a time he barely had ten words and now he won’t stop talking!  Congratulations on your new practice.  We are so thankful for you and your expertise.



                      A friend of mine suggested I send my twins to Molly after I expressed concerns about their speech and it possibly impacting their spelling.  After a consultation, Molly told me that only one of them needed therapy.  That was a relief in itself and I appreciated her honest feedback.  The twin that ended up needing therapy had a really hard time pronouncing the letter “R”.  So much so that I didn’t think he’d ever get it “wight”.  Within a couple months, he had mastered the letter.  I know parents who’ve dealt with the same thing and watched their children struggle for years.  I’m blown away at how quickly my son overcame this.  Molly, you are now the “R Queen” in my book.  Of course, I immediately referred those parents to you!



                      When my son was five years old, I had some trouble understanding what he said when he spoke to me, but I thought his speech was developmentally normal for a child his age. Well, I was wrong. The spring before he started kindergarten, I found out that he needed to have speech therapy.  I immediately set up a schedule for him to work with Molly and within a couple of months his speech dramatically improved. I will never forget the office visit when by appointment's end he was properly pronouncing a list of words that had been giving him so much trouble. I was so happy that I cried--really!  By the time school started, my son's teachers couldn't even tell that he needed speech therapy.  He was able to stop attending therapy by winter of his kindergarten year and his speech continues to be clear more than halfway through first grade. I am so grateful for Molly's patience, the instruction she gave him, and for the advice she gave us on how to work with him at home. Working with Molly is truly worth the investment. 



                      This place is amazing and I love that ALL my children want to come here because “it is such a cool office”, according to my daughter.  You are a true blessing to my son and he has grown and improved so much since working with you.  I love that he loves to come and feels confident and happy when he leaves.  My daughter’s experience, although short, was efficient and productive.  She quickly worked through her speech issues and left feeling confident and happy at school.  Ms. Molly is a rock star!



                      You are the absolute best at what you do.  My kid’s speech has improved so much and he looks forward to seeing you every week.  I’m so glad we found a therapist who is so passionate about helping children.  I will be forever grateful for you and how you helped my son.  Thank you!!  Your office looks amazing! 



                      Molly Dale is "the Speech Whisperer"!  She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and fun!  My daughter loves coming to see her! She is happier and more confident because of Miss Molly.  Molly clearly communicates with me and her teachers so all of us "team members" are on the same page!  She is the absolute best at what she does!  Our family is blessed to have found her!



                      Thank you so much for all your help and support!  Our son truly enjoys his time with you and is learning so much!



                      Your new home of Chatterbox is fabulous!  What a FUN, HAPPY place for kids to learn and attend speech therapy.  My daughter adores you and looks forward to working with you each week.  As I’ve said before, you are the fourth speech pathologist she has worked with and are by FAR the best at what you do!  We are so thankful to have finally found you!



                      I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for our son.  His speech has improved tremendously and he can’t wait to come see you every week.  He has also gained a huge amount of confidence in his speech through working with you.  You have made such a difference in his life.  You always create a fun environment, engaging him and motivating him to do well.  We are so grateful for everything you have accomplished with our son.  We are very lucky to have found you!  And your office is gorgeous! 



                      I had an amazing experience with Molly Dale of Chatterbox.  If you were thinking about having your child evaluated, she's awesome!  My children adored her and they all want to see her again :)  She was clear with her instruction to my child while making it fun for him, gave me a detailed summary of what she had observed and gave me a plan based on those observations.  If you’re even just debating on having your child see a speech language pathologist, debate no more and contact Molly!



                      In the short time we’ve known you, you have made such a huge impact on our son’s life!  We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, love and attention.  We are so grateful! 



                      During our first appointment, I noticed how much you genuinely love what you do.  You make every child feel special and loved while helping them.  My son enjoys his sessions with you and has made wonderful progress.  He’s happy and I’m happy.  Your professionalism shines through your friendly personality.  Thank you for offering to work with his school teacher as well.  Your new office is wonderful, bright, welcoming and fun...just like you.



                      We love Ms. Molly!  She is patient and kind.  My son enjoys his time with her and doesn’t know that their “playtime” is work.  His speech has improved and is more confident in his interactions with others.  Your office is bright and cheery.  It is a safe and welcoming place for us every week.



                      We have loved getting to know you this past year.  You are so talented at what you do and the boys love learning from you.  They have made huge improvements since starting with you.  We will always highly recommend you!



                      Molly has been magical for our family! At 3.5 years of age, my twins both presented with speech/language concerns and I was kicking myself for not doing something sooner. Enter Molly -- from the first visit it was clear she had it all under control, and in the six months since then she's made a world of difference for both kids. My son had been struggling to answer questions and I had grave concerns about him academically. These days he's a star student -- his teachers are raving and cannot believe this is the same kid. Twin sister had a pronounced tongue thrust (lisp), which is notoriously hard to treat -- now totally gone! I was prepared for this to take years but Molly is a superstar and doesn't mess around. As a parent, I love that she's a great communicator and constant source of support, which means the world when you're having concerns about your child. As for my kids, they adore Miss Molly, have so much fun "playing" with her and can't wait for each visit. I'm honestly brought to tears just thinking about the twins' turnaround and what Molly has done for us in such a short time. I cannot recommend her highly enough! -C.M.



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